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Thank you for the email. I am really happy with my repairs and great service I received from all of your staff whom helped me. My husband also had repairs at your Nashua shop this past 2015 he was very happy also. I would definitely recommend your shop.


Annemarie 4/1/16



I am very happy with the service and work of your team over at Gate City.  They are very professional and courteous and my car looks great!  They kept me up to date on my progress and the rental car arrangement was smooth as silk.  I would not hesitate to recommend Gate City to any of my friends and family. Thanks for the great job.  I am a happy customer! :)


Best, Don 3/21/16




Hello! the customer service that I received was amazing. The staff is so friendly, welcoming, and funny! I am more than satisfied with the repairs and i will go to gate city collision for every future repair. my car was returned to me in no time and not only that but it was clean as a whistle! they washed my car and did the rims, vacuumed it and i think they even shampooed my rugs. it smelled and looked amazing, like a new car! I'm hoping someone will rear end me again in the near future so i can bring my car in for a third time. thanks for great service!


Melissa– 3/8/16



It is always stressful to have any repair work done to the body and paint of your car as we have all seen some really bad jobs come out of autobody shops. This was not the case with you guys. I am absolutely amazed at the quality of work and craftsmanship. It is impossible to know anything was ever fixed. All the gaps, the color and texture, the fabrication, and everything else that went into the repairs on my car are absolutely perfect. You guys truly are artists. Plus it was returned to me cleaner than it was the day I drove it off the dealership lot. I would never hesitate to come back or recommend anyone to have repair work completed by you.


Jon W. – 2/19/16



Great service for the second time.

Will S.- 2/19/16



The whole experience and coordination of all aspects of the repair including your company, USAA and Enterprise Rental Car was exceptional.  No complaints, just raving reviews, and I have already shared my experiences with a couple friends.

Thank you.


Adrienne & John M.  - 2/16/ 2016



Hello,  I am very happy with the way my truck was repaired, the people were friendly , Jason was  great the little brunette was sweet and I am a member of AAA and filled out the card and mailed it yesterday..all excellent and wrote a nice comment….I said to my wife after being transferred from Long Island,NY eleven years ago to work in Boston, living in Nashua passing your very funny sign that if I ever needed any body work this has to be a good place to go…….plus it was nice to see the smile your in gate city note taped to the window in the office.. so thank you and its great to see a company that puts funny sayings on the sign to brighten up the day……..thank you


Bill G. - 2/11/ 2016



My experience with Gate City Collision was EXCELLENT!


I bought my first new car (in 40 years) in August 2015. A few weeks later, when I returned home from shopping, I noticed damage to the right back door and panel where someone apparently cut the corner too sharp and hit me. They left without leaving a note…..I was very upset about this, especially since they didn’t have the decency to admit responsibility.


My husband and I went to Gate City Collision and were very surprised at the quality of service we received from the minute we arrived until we picked my car up a few days later. I cannot tell there was any damage to my car. It looks brand new and I thank you for the great work. It was an upsetting situation that Gate City brought under control and fixed for us. We will spread the word to anyone we know who needs your services. And, the best part was I found a little present on my front floor when I got home. Very nice touch with the windshield washer fluid.


Thank you and your staff for doing such a great job and for having such good customer relationships.


Nancy  -  12/ 2016



I am extremely happy with the repairs on my Audi A6.  She looks like a new vehicle---even though the car is over 10 years old.  The service----especially the numerous updates -were appreciated.  The car came to you looking like the surface of the moon---hail damage-or as my husband put it---a golf ball!  Every inch is now a smooth as glass.  I know this wasn't an easy repair---but you did it!!!


Thanks---and we have been telling all that saw the car "pre Gate City Collision" to see her now.


Irene - 12/2015




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